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How To Become Hacker In 2024?

2024 Decoded

As the New Year knocks on our digital doors, the clever folks in the hacking world are all set for a year filled with new challenges and cool opportunities., our favorite place for all things hacking, is gearing up to be the go-to hub for all the action. Let’s take a friendly peek into what 2024 might have in store for the hackers, explained in simple words for everyone to understand.

Bulk Mailer Pro 2024 – Free Download Available Now!

Embark on a new era of email marketing with the cutting-edge Bulk Mailer Pro 2022, a dynamic and user-friendly application designed for swift and efficient creation and dispatch of multiple email messages. This robust software is equipped to seamlessly handle vast email lists in a single operation, making it a game-changer for businesses seeking streamlined communication with their clientele. Beyond its user-friendly interface lies a comprehensive suite of features that redefine how organizations approach email marketing.

Security Alert: Microsoft Counters Malicious Tactics by Disabling MSIX App Installer Protocol”

In a strategic move on Thursday, Microsoft announced the reactivation of default disabling for the ms-appinstaller protocol handler, a precautionary measure prompted by the protocol’s exploitation by multiple threat actors in disseminating malicious software. The Microsoft Threat Intelligence team, after…
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New Cyber Threat Emerges: CERT-UA Exposes APT28’s Latest Malware Onslaught with OCEANMAP, MASEPIE, STEELHOOK

The Ukraine Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) has issued a stern warning regarding a recently detected phishing campaign orchestrated by the APT28 group, a notorious Russian-linked threat actor. This malicious operation, observed between December 15 and 25, 2023, specifically targets…
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Cybersecurity Alert: Kimsuky Targets Organizations Using AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke Tactics

Nation-state actors aligned with North Korea have recently been detected employing sophisticated spear-phishing tactics to infiltrate systems and gain control over compromised machines. This cyber campaign involves the deployment of various backdoors and tools, such as AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke….
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Alarming Cybersecurity Breach: Attacks Strike Albanian Parliament and One Albania Telecom

The recent spate of cyber attacks has cast a shadow over the Assembly of the Republic of Albania and the prominent telecom entity, One Albania, as disclosed by the nation’s cybersecurity watchdog, the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber…
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