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Security Alert: Microsoft Counters Malicious Tactics by Disabling MSIX App Installer Protocol”

In a strategic move on Thursday, Microsoft announced the reactivation of default disabling for the ms-appinstaller protocol handler, a precautionary measure prompted by the protocol’s exploitation by multiple threat actors in disseminating malicious software. The Microsoft Threat Intelligence team, after…
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Cybersecurity Alert: Kimsuky Targets Organizations Using AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke Tactics

Nation-state actors aligned with North Korea have recently been detected employing sophisticated spear-phishing tactics to infiltrate systems and gain control over compromised machines. This cyber campaign involves the deployment of various backdoors and tools, such as AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke….
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Breaking Boundaries: Inside the Most Complex iPhone Hack in History

Inside the Most Complex iPhone Hack in History In a groundbreaking revelation, the Operation Triangulation cyberespionage campaign aimed at Apple iOS devices has exploited hitherto unseen vulnerabilities, surpassing even the formidable hardware-based security barriers set by the tech giant. Discovered…
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